Being Skeptical 1 – Introductions

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Hello, and welcome to Being Skeptical! In this brand new podcast, your hosts Mark and Jody, invite you to take a lighter approach to skepticism as we debunk common issues in the world. We’ll also cover some news, have some fun with horoscopes, and introduce our skeptical hero of the month!

In this, our very first episode, we’ll introduce you to ourselves, and talk about why we think skepticism is important, how it differs from cynicism, and how we became skeptical ourselves.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas please email us at!


Kevin Trudeau exhausts appeals, will hopefully lose entire fortune.

Trump appoints anti-vaccine advocate Robert Kennedy to to lead vaccine safety panel.

Clarenville man captures the Starship Enterprise over Random Island.

Seth Johnson dies due to medical englect of parents.

Bill Nye launches new Netflix original show debunking claims from politicians, religious leaders, etc.

Full video of Elizabeth Warren eviscerating Betsy DeVos:

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