Being Skeptical 6 – Glyphosate Lawsuit (New format!)

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Starting this month, Being Skeptical is moving to a new, easier to digest format! We decided that episodes in the 1hr40min to 2hr range was probably asking too much of our audience, so we will now do a biweekly format, splitting our content up across 2 episodes. Mid-month episodes feature our main segment, and a new, quick segment called Your Monthly Dose of Stupid. At the end of the month, we’ll have the news, our Skeptical Hero of the Month, and of course, horoscopes!


News article from The Mercury News

In-depth article from NeuroLogica Blog about Glyphosate safety.

European Chemicals Agency research shows Roundup does not cause cancer.

Snopes article about Glyphosate safety and the lawsuit.

Gwenyth Paltrow thinks she’d a badass.


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