#9: This is your brain on football.

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It’s the end of the month, so that means we’re back with news! In this episode we discuss chronic traumatic encephaloptahy in football players, a potential vaccine for type 1 diabetes, and how the U.K. is stickin’ it to “alternative medicine”. And finally, in everybody’s favourite segment, we continue to test the limits of astrology.

Turns out it’s pretty limited. Still.


Brain trauma discovered in 99% of NFL players.

The U.K. shutting down benefits coverage for homeopathic remedies.

Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes going to trial in 2018.

Huge spike in calls to Poison Control due to diet supplements.

5% decrease in MMR vaccine rates could triple cases of Measles.


Neuroskeptic is our Hero of the Month for managing to a bogus scientific paper accepted to 4 different predatory journals, 3 of which even published his “scientific” work on midichlorians, the fictional microscopic lifeforms that Star Wars nerds get angry about from Star Wars that allows manipulation of the force.

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