Being Skeptical Episode 4 – Syrian Conspiracies

Right-click or long-press to download and listen offline. NEWS ARTICLES FROM THIS EPISODE: Is Alex Jones faking? Cassini discovers necessary elements for life in Enceladus. HPV vaccine trial incredibly successful in Scotland. Animal accupuncture. Great Barrier Reef suffers catastrophic bleaching event, declared terminal. March for Science Canada. SKEPTICAL HERO OF THE MONTH: BILL NYE ARTICLES […]

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Being Skeptical 2 – Fake news

Right-click and save to listen offline. In this month’s episode, we talk about Fukushima, homeopathic teething gel, Dr. Oz, and an Ontario teacher scaring kids with anti-vax nonsense. Stick around after the main segment about fake news for some fun with horoscopes! If you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas please email us at! […]

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Being Skeptical 1 – Introductions

Right-click and save to listen offline. Hello, and welcome to Being Skeptical! In this brand new podcast, your hosts Mark and Jody, invite you to take a lighter approach to skepticism as we debunk common issues in the world. We’ll also cover some news, have some fun with horoscopes, and introduce our skeptical hero of […]

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