#21: Colbert, the Trickster

Right-click or long-press to download and listen offline, or listen on iTunes or Google Play. SHOW NOTES: Stephen Colbert sells out for Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow. Donald Trump appears to be Superman in a very clever disguise. Raw water is…ugh…why? WHY?! GenderSense pee tests are a scam. The end of single-use plastic in the EU. […]

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Being Skeptical Episode 7

Right-click or long-press and download to listen offline. SHOW NOTES Sandy Hook hoaxer sentenced to prison time.   Belgian couple sentenced to prison time after unintentional death of their infant son. Whooping Cough outbreak strikes Southern Alberta after vaccination rates fall.   Jon Oliver speaks out about vaccine safety. Medical marijuana is complicated, and not […]

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