#23: Gun control.

To listen offline, right-click or long-press here to download, or visit our pages on iTunes or Google Play Music. It’s the end of the month, so we break down news articles, name our Skeptical Hero of the Month, and of course, we give Astrology another chance to prove itself. SHOW NOTES Crisis Actor conspiracy theories. […]

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Being Skeptical 8 – White Genocide!

Right-click or long-press and save to listen offline. Enjoy a mind-boggling deep dive on the alleged “White Genocide” taking place around the world, as the Jewish superpowers controlling the world gradually replace Caucasians around the world with other races…I guess? MENTIONED CONTENT: White girl says words:   A smart person named Sean discusses how aforementioned […]

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Being Skeptical Episode 7

Right-click or long-press and download to listen offline. SHOW NOTES Sandy Hook hoaxer sentenced to prison time.   Belgian couple sentenced to prison time after unintentional death of their infant son. Whooping Cough outbreak strikes Southern Alberta after vaccination rates fall.   Jon Oliver speaks out about vaccine safety. Medical marijuana is complicated, and not […]

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Being Skeptical Episode 4 – Syrian Conspiracies

Right-click or long-press to download and listen offline. NEWS ARTICLES FROM THIS EPISODE: Is Alex Jones faking? Cassini discovers necessary elements for life in Enceladus. HPV vaccine trial incredibly successful in Scotland. Animal accupuncture. Great Barrier Reef suffers catastrophic bleaching event, declared terminal. March for Science Canada. SKEPTICAL HERO OF THE MONTH: BILL NYE ARTICLES […]

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