#23: Gun control.

To listen offline, right-click or long-press here to download, or visit our pages on iTunes or Google Play Music. It’s the end of the month, so we break down news articles, name our Skeptical Hero of the Month, and of course, we give Astrology another chance to prove itself. SHOW NOTES Crisis Actor conspiracy theories. […]

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Episode 19: Year-end Wrap Up

Right-click or long-press to download and listen offline, or listen on iTunes or Google Play. Our final episode of the year! Unfortunately the holidays were crazy for both of us, so the episode is a few days late. As we wrap up our year, we look back on some of our more prominent news articles […]

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Episode #16 Food Evolution Review

Right-click or long-press to download and listen offline. In this episode, Mark and Jody discuss Food Evolution. Yeah, okay, it’s not exactly new, but we’re hoping it can gain more traction against such nonsense as What The Health, which is a steaming pile garbage. Your Monthly Dose of Stupid  is 2 scoops of crazy with Roy Moore. Ugh.

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#15: Bless This Mess!

Right-Click or Long Press and download to listen offline. SHOW NOTES: Study finds no evidence of publication bias in over 1,000 climate science papers. Catholic priest blesses hotel room of Las Vegas shooter. Because reasons? 30,000 studies could be wrong due to contaminated cell lines. Researching why people believe conspiracy theories. Google’s new AI surpasses […]

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#13: Googs Doin’ Some Good

Right-click or long-press to download and listen offline. It’s the end of the month, so that means we have some news, a new Skeptical Hero, and of course, Astrology! SHOW NOTES: Australian man gets cyanide poisoning from home-made “supplement” Racist wins Republican Senate Primary in Alabama. TINA takes a shot at bringing down Satan’s Gwyneth […]

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#12: Those damn millenials.

Right-click or long-press and save to listen offline. In this episode Jody and I discuss generational psychology and what’s wrong with it. Do “Millenials” even exist in the way they are portrayed? We’ll find out after Jody introduces a new mini-segment, and we’ll present a lovely Monthly Dose of Stupid. SHOW NOTES Deep Takes Olga […]

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#11: Bigots are stupid.

Right-click or long-press and download to listen offline, or find us on Google Play Music and iTunes. In our end-of-the-month episode, we’ve shortened the news to discuss all of the protesting happening lately centred around bigotry and hate. We of course, still cover the news, name a very special Skepical Hero of the Month, and this […]

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#10: Neurological Nonsense

Right-click or long-press and download to listen offline.  You can also find us on iTunes and Google Play Music. In this episode, Jody subjects Mark to a battery of neuroscience statements to see if he can guess which are true, and which are nonsense. You might be surprised by the answers! We also present another […]

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