#15: Bless This Mess!

Right-Click or Long Press and download to listen offline. SHOW NOTES: Study finds no evidence of publication bias in over 1,000 climate science papers. Catholic priest blesses hotel room of Las Vegas shooter. Because reasons? 30,000 studies could be wrong due to contaminated cell lines. Researching why people believe conspiracy theories. Google’s new AI surpasses […]

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Being Skeptical 5 – Can Bill Nye Save the World?

Right-click or long-press and save to listen offline. NEWS ARTICLES FROM THIS EPISODE: University of Saskatchewan professor harassed by anti-GMO group. Woman goes a year without insulin after receiving bioengineered pancreas. Minnesota Somali community suffers Measles outbreak due to mistrust of vaccines. Neurologists discover brain lesions can be responsible for religious fundamentalism. Problems with academic […]

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